Keeping it Real


So what in holy muthaflippin flip-flops is this? In short, it’s a photography project.

The fictional Princess has really saturated popular culture in the last few years, but I’m not convinced they are particularly inspiring role models for young girls.  I find them a bit vacuous and, as much as I love a glamourous sparkly frock (and I really do)  they seem to be selling little more than a predominantly thin, white version of pretty, straight wife-material as the ultimate aspiration. (Excuse me while I do a massive Y A W N).

On the flipside, of course, there are those who do find value in what Princesses represent, so it’ll be interesting to explore different perspectives.

Over the next few months I’ll be photographing REAL women and girls in Yorkshire. Partly to challenge the limitations of Princesses as role models, but mostly to celebrate amazing women and girls in all their diversity.

Stay tuned…

Maria x


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