Bloomin’ Buds

So here are some ace young women making stuff happen – for themselves and for others.  Katie and Molly got in touch to say they’d taken some photos inspired by the Real Princess project. They run Bloomin’ Buds, a theatre company with a focus on creating opportunities for young people from working class backgrounds. They and I share the same passion for increasing access and representation of working class people (as well as other under-represented people) in the arts. They rock!

“We are two women from West Yorkshire, from estates, and the first in our family to go to university and study theatre. We want to improve confidence, self esteem and mental health and well being of working class young people with the power of drama. 

The biggest barrier we face is that we’re two young women and some people don’t realise what we are capable of. We will keep on fighting for working class rights.”


Photos by Molly Rumford ad Katie Mahon

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